Relocating times- Goodbye times!


It’s that time of year when schools are about to finish and many expat families relocate. Studies suggest that up to twelve years of age, children cope quite well with changing friends and forming new relationships. While they do have preferences about who their friends are, their relationships are usually short-lived. Things change when your … Read more

10 tips to help students cope with exam stress

cope with exam stress

Exam stress affects most children. Some only minimally, whereas others can experience levels of anxiety that can lead to panic attacks and depression. Since this is the week for revisions, here are 10 tips to help students cope with exam stress. 1–Be prepared. Know exactly what is required of you to pass the exam. Make … Read more

10 great ways to efficiently market your international school

market your school

While it may seem a bit alien to think of your parents as ‘customers’ and a child’s education as a ‘product’, the truth is that most successful expat schools do precisely this. Read this article for tips on how to market your international school through networking and digital marketing. 1–Create a strong parents’ group. We … Read more

6 reasons it is vital for an international school to have a PTA

PTA international school

Having a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is vital for any school. Aside from fostering better communication between parents and the school, here are six ways a PTA can benefit your international school: 1- It acts as a welcoming board to new families. If the school can rely on an active PTA to welcome new parents … Read more

10 tips to help your expat child adjust to a new international school

adjust to a new international school

Without a lot of parental support, it can be hard for some kids to adjust to a new international school. They not only must make new friends (and are likely sad about leaving their old friends), but they must navigate a different culture and maybe even learn a new language. As parents, we can provide … Read more

How to choose the best expat school for your child

best expat school

When trying to find the best expat school for our children, we usually rely on information we find online, which  is usually based on standardised exam results. However, great schools provide an environment where children are safe and cared for. You want to choose a school for your child that is not just good, but … Read more

What makes a good school culture?

good school culture

Question for all Principals out there: Does your school have a good school culture? This is another criteria expat parents are looking for when choosing a school for their children. How would you define school culture? According to the Glossary of Education Reform, school culture is comprised of, “Beliefs, perceptions, attitudes, connections, written and unwritten … Read more

Third party advice on how to choose an international school

This article has some great tips on how to choose an international school: How to Choose an International School When Relocating Abroad However, many expats don’t have the time or resources to visit a school before enrolling their child. This is why having access to external assessments is so important. If you are interested in a … Read more