Reasons to attend the Education Experts Egypt Conference in May

Education Expert Egypt Conference

Schools and principals in Egypt should attend our Education Experts Egypt Conference on 9th and 10th May for a number of reasons:     1- Meeting and networking with other education professionals   Networking at conferences is a great way for attendees to exchange ideas, gain knowledge from one another, and establish connections that may … Read more

The importance of Recess and Play

recess and play

Research has demonstrated over and over the role of recess and play in our fast-paced modern world. Play is essential to a child’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being. How long should the break be? Psychologists recommend two 15 minute breaks every day, plus a good lunch break of 20 minutes. Why the break? It … Read more

Will EdTech ever take off?


Millions of students, especially in China, have been forced to study online for about two months now. This is expected to continue for awhile. With the outbreak spreading to other countries, including Europe, school principals, teachers, parents and students are all faced with learning to cope with distance education. Will this situation boost the idea … Read more

Homework or no homework- that’s the question!

Should teachers ask their students to do homework? This seems to be the question of the week, with the UAE axing homework from all state schools and some private entities following their example. Parents have expressed a mix of worry and acceptance. Some are hoping for more quality family time, while others are dreading an … Read more

Should these life skills be taught in school/college?

life skills taught in school

There are more and more voices concerned that there are essential life skills which schools right now don’t seem to cover. Here are some examples: 1–Finance What is a credit card/loan and how do interest rates work? Do you really need them? What are the best ways to save money and invest efficiently? How do … Read more

5 Reasons to encourage children learning music

  Learning music improves math skills. Multiple studies show that by learning beat, rhythm and scales, children develop their understanding of patterns and fractions. It improves reading and comprehension. Learning music is like learning a foreign language. You need to identify the note, how to play it, whether it’s long or short, loud or soft, … Read more

10 great ways to efficiently market your international school

market your school

While it may seem a bit alien to think of your parents as ‘customers’ and a child’s education as a ‘product’, the truth is that most successful expat schools do precisely this. Read this article for tips on how to market your international school through networking and digital marketing. 1–Create a strong parents’ group. We … Read more