Best Online Expat School

Sophia HIgh School

Do you wish your child to learn from home, rather than going to a brick and mortar school? If so, here is our recommendation for the best online school.

best online expat school

Sophia High School

Sophia High School is our Expat Parents’ School of Choice

Reasons to choose SHS:

  1. Excellent student:teacher ratio
  2. Online learning equals learning anywhere you may be
  3. All UK qualified teachers
  4. Highly qualified management
  5. Accelerated program for over-achievers
  6. Excellent parental support
  7. Low fees
  8. Approachable management
  9. Strong support for digital learning
  10. Online safety

Do you need help finding the best online expat school for your children's needs?

For more personalised information on each school and additional questions about Sophia High School, or other expat schools, please drop us a line at or 0020-101-6316-406.