• Qualified and experienced management team.
  • Clear vision and strategic plan for ongoing institutional development.
  • Clear policies on a range of issues including (but not limited to) performance management of staff, staff and student attendance, student development and achievement, use of technology, additional academic support needs, behavior and bullying, parental involvement, admissions, inclusiveness.
  • Functioning and proactive Board, which provides input and support to the school management.
  • Ongoing process of school self review and school improvement
  • Teacher and staff retention rates that support community development and minimal disruption for students and families.
  • Qualified and experienced admissions team working with clear and impartial guidelines.
  • Qualified and experienced Human Resources team, and clear HR policies that are shared with all staff.
  • Professional development provided to teachers and staff.
  • Crisis management plans.
  • Risk management plans

Heads of Schools

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