Best Expat Schools in Cairo

Best Expat Schools in Cairo

best expat schools in cairo

Are you planning a move to Cairo, Egypt? If so, these are the best choices of expat schools in Cairo, for a variety of budgets and needs.

best expat schools in Cairo
Maadi students

Maadi British International School

Maadi British International School is our Expat Parents’ School of Choice

Reasons to choose MBIS:

  1. You live in Maadi, an expat preferred area
  2. You want an international student population and community
  3. You want a family-like school where everyone knows everyone
  4. You would like to receive personalised expat support
  5. You want UK qualified teachers, quality education like back home, and an iGCSE school



King's School The Crown


King's School The Crown is our Expat Parents’ School of Choice

Reasons to choose King's:

  1. We recommend the school to families of diplomats, expat and local families living in Zamalek, 6th October, Dokki, or Sheikh Zayed. Buses are available for commute to and from these areas.
  2. King’s is the first top British school in Cairo to cater for children from Infancy through to Pre-University Years. For the year 2023-2024 admissions start from two years old up to Year 9.
  3. King's has qualified specialist subject teachers in ALL subjects from Year 5.
  4. King’s is the only school in Cairo with a FIFA certified football field as well as full size courts endorsed by ATP and a 400-meter running track approved by IAAF. They also have an indoor sports hall, and a 25- metres swimming pool.
  5. When students study at King’s School the Crown, they become part of the Inspired Group of schools which offer a guaranteed place in any of their boarding schools.

Malvern College Egypt

Reasons to choose MCE:

  1. You cannot afford the fees of the first two schools
  2. You want guaranteed UK teachers
  3. You live in Maadi or New Cairo
  4. You want a school under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education
  5. You want to learn Arabic, Islamic Studies and other foreign languages such as French and Spanish

The Royal British International School (RBIS)

Reasons to choose RBIS:

  1. All teachers have a UK qualification independently of their nationality
  2. A sustainable and renewable energy campus
  3. The curriculum includes kayaking, golf, squash, and tennis, led by elite Egyptian athletes
  4. You want to live in New Cairo, currently the most sought after part of Cairo
  5. You want to study Arabic as part of the curriculum to have options to the Egyptian universities in the future
RBIS Cairo
KCWC Building (002)

Kent College West Cairo

Reasons to choose KCWC:

  1. You live in Cairo in the areas of 6th October, Sheikh Zayed or Zamalek
  2. You want the exact same education as in the UK. KCWC is an extension of Kent College Schools
  3. You need the best SEN support in Cairo.
  4. You want to learn French as another language from Early Years
  5. You want a small teacher:student class ration.

New Cairo British International School

Reasons to choose NCBIS:

  1. You have decided to live in a compound area in New Cairo
  2. You would prefer a big school (over 1000 students)
  3. You want an IB certified school
  4. You want teachers of various nationalities, especially from the UK
  5. You are Dutch and prefer to keep within the Dutch system
best expat schools in cairo

GEMS British School Al Rehab

Reasons to choose GEMS Al Rehab:

  1. You have a school budget of no more than 10,000 USD per school year
  2. You live in/around New Cairo
  3. You would like a school with local students a majority
  4. You would like teachers of various backgrounds and nationalities
  5. You would like an IB school
best expat schools in cairo
best expat schools in cairo

GEMS British International School Al Madinaty

Reasons to choose GEMS Al Madinaty:

  1. You would like to live in Madinaty, which would make your commuting easier
  2. You cannot pay more than max 10,000 USD
  3. You would like a majority of Egyptian student population
  4. You prefer teachers of various nationalities
  5. You would like a school under the umbrella of Ministry of Education

May 8, 2024
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I was one of the testers for the FindMeASchool app. It gave me a wide range of schools to choose from and helped me understand which schools were available in West Cairo. I also spoke to one of the EEE consultants, who helped me decide which school aligned best with our family's expectations.

May 9, 2024
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We’re moving from Dubai to Cairo. Our children attend a really nice school here and we wanted the same in Egypt. As an expat herself, Senida fully understood what we were looking for. Because she lived in both places, she was able to compare the school systems in both countries which was very helpful. We are feeling a lot more positive about the move now.

May 9, 2024
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EEE has the knowledge and connections in place to put you in the right direction. We’re an American family relocating to Germany. EEE were able to put us in touch with people who could ease our transition to a new country.

May 9, 2024
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Every time we move to a new country, EEE are there for us. We are making the leap to Jordan and they helped us narrow down our options. As soon as we arrived, the school visits confirmed our expectations. This is the third time in five years that we have used the expertise of Senida and her team.

Do you need help finding the best expat school in Cairo for your children's needs?

For more personalised information on each school and additional questions about these schools or other schools in Cairo, please drop us a line at or 0020-101-6316-406.