Best Expat Schools

Best Expat Schools in Cairo

best expat schools in cairo

Are you planning a move to Cairo, Egypt? If so, these are the best choices of expat schools in Cairo, for a variety of budgets and needs.

best expat schools in Cairo
Maadi students

Maadi British International School

Maadi British International School is our Expat Parents’ School of Choice

Reasons to choose MBIS:

  1. You live in Maadi, an expat preferred area
  2. You want an international student population and community
  3. You want a family-like school where everyone knows everyone
  4. You would like to receive personalised expat support
  5. You want UK qualified teachers, quality education like back home, and an iGCSE school



New Cairo International School

Reasons to choose NCBIS:

  1. You have decided to live in a compound area in New Cairo
  2. You would prefer a big school (over 1000 students)
  3. You want an IB certified school
  4. You want teachers of various nationalities, especially from the UK
  5. You are Dutch and prefer to keep within the Dutch system
best expat schools in cairo


Malvern College Egypt

Reasons to choose MCE:

  1. You cannot afford the fees of the first two schools
  2. You want guaranteed UK teachers
  3. You live in Maadi or New Cairo
  4. You want a school under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education
  5. You want to learn Arabic, Islamic Studies and other foreign languages such as French and Spanish

GEMS British School Al Rehab

Reasons to choose GEMS Al Rehab:


  1. You have a school budget of no more than 10,000 USD per school year
  2. You live in/around New Cairo
  3. You would like a school with local students a majority
  4. You would like teachers of various backgrounds and nationalities
  5. You would like an IB school
best expat schools in cairo
best expat schools in cairo

GEMS British International School Al Madinaty

Reasons to choose GEMS Al Madinaty:

  1. You would like to live in Madinaty, which would make your commuting easier
  2. You cannot pay more than max 10,000 USD
  3. You would like a majority of Egyptian student population
  4. You prefer teachers of various nationalities
  5. You would like a school under the umbrella of Ministry of Education

Do you need help finding the best expat school in Cairo for your children's needs?

For more personalised information on each school and additional questions about these schools or other schools in Cairo, please drop us a line at or 0020-101-6316-406.