5 Reasons to encourage children learning music


  1. Learning music improves math skills. Multiple studies show that by learning beat, rhythm and scales, children develop their understanding of patterns and fractions.
  2. It improves reading and comprehension. Learning music is like learning a foreign language. You need to identify the note, how to play it, whether it’s long or short, loud or soft, etc.
  3. It creates awareness of culture and history. Different genres of music expose students to different parts of human history cultures. This is achieved by identifying the reasons a certain type of music came into existence.
  4. Learning music improves listening skills. In order to learn to play an instrument well, a child needs to listen to the teacher, understand instructions, listen for rhythm, speed and concentrate.
  5. It improves social skills. In a group setting, whether a band or orchestra, children need to perform together, interact with each other and depend on each other for success.

For more details, please watch the following video:


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