Should these life skills be taught in school/college?

There are more and more voices concerned that there are essential life skills which schools right now don’t seem to cover. Here are some examples:


What is a credit card/loan and how do interest rates work? Do you really need them? What are the best ways to save money and invest efficiently? How do you create a budget and manage your expenses?

life skills taught in school

2–Mental health

Mente sana in corpore sana, they say. We emphasize sports and physical education, which are an absolute must for a child’s harmonious development. However, there are cases when our brain seems to need extra support, for example in times of stress, anxiety, depression or addiction.


In times of great technological advances, communication seems to be more and more a skill which needs to be taught from primary school. How to make friends? What is age appropriate for romantic relationships? This could be in terms of expressing feelings, listening skills and understanding consent. It can go further into dealing with physical and verbal abuse and learning where and how to find support should such issues occur. What it means to have a good relationship, and how to get out of toxic relationships.

4–Safety skills

How to escape from a building on fire, how to give first aid, what to do in case of calamities specific to the country where the school is set. Self-defence techniques? Survival skills such as how to start a fire, how to find water and food etc.

5–Human rights

When you live in a democratic country, you take the system for granted and forget that there are many people in the world still struggling to reach a level of human life decency. Children should be taught about some of the world issues in order to develop empathy and a desire to bring good to the world.


I would say general food knowledge such as how to read labels and decide if that product is good for you, the concept of organic food, healthy eating habits, counting calories and where to buy food that supports local farmers are all important subjects to learn.

7–Household repairs

The internet is full of videos on how to DIY certain things around the house, but hands-on practice would make a great difference as there are tools you need to know about and certain safety measures to put in place.


What are your rights as an insurance holder? Understanding a policy, dealing with claims, learning when to buy  insurance and which plan is appropriate for your budget are all important.


Everyone knows who the president is, but what about the local government or council which votes on regulations that impact your local lifestyle. How to choose who to vote for? Can you make a difference? How can you make your voice heard? Can you make an impact locally?

10–Public speaking

There are books and videos on this subject, yet only lots of practice can give you a sense of what it’s like, how you feel about it, ways to improve and how to use it in your favour throughout life in cases such as interviews, speeches, selling, gaining the trust of your partner or employee etc.

What would you add to this list?

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