Free, online ESL games

Here are some games ESL teachers can use in class to reinforce vocabulary or to practise reading and listening. Parents could also use these games at home for a fun, yet productive time with their children.  This site offers interactive online ESL games for a variety of levels from kindergarten to the eighth grade. The games focus on spelling, grammar, vocabulary via crossword puzzles and word search activities. They cover a wide variety of topics. I like this page especially for their free resources which you can download immediately, without creating an account. They are more for beginners to lower intermediate students, but the pictures and colours guarantee some wonderful class interaction. How about some printable and editable board games to adapt and use in your classroom? All you need to do is fill in the words and phrases your class needs to practise. More ESL games and activities to learn English right here. The British Council, with their long tradition of teaching English to children around the world, could not be omitted from our list. You do need to create an account, but each game comes with worksheets, often making an almost complete lesson plan. Spelling, grammar and vocabulary fun with children and parents. Pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary via well known games such as hangman and word jumbles. ESL learners find this refreshing on their learning journey both as a class activity as well as home learning. I like their storytelling for a wide range of ages and levels.


Which websites have you found fun and useful in your ESL classes?

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