What makes a great teacher?

Teaching encompasses a variety of qualities and skills. These range from knowledge of subject matter, to enthusiasm no matter which time of the day, to caring no matter how difficult the student might be, great classroom management and good communication skills. And these are just a few. Here are some characteristics which great teachers demonstrate:

1–Masters the subject matter and has experience teaching it

Great teachers exhibit speaking experience, they instill passion for the subject when teaching the students and, on a personal level, they are professional practitioners. This means they keep updated with the latest developments in their field of expertise.

2–Communicates with parents

Great teachers communicate frequently and clearly. They are precise when talking about their students’ progress and set clear objectives for improvement. They are very aware of their students’ capabilities, their strengths and weaknesses and know how to steer them towards progress.

3–Communicates with students

Great teachers know how to engage their students and instill their passion for the subject matter. They know how to motivate students, they teach them how to be creative, how to look at things from different perspectives and how to reach out of their comfort zones.

great teachers

4– Fosters relationships

Great teachers know their students as individuals. They know how to guide them personally to reach their maximum potentials. They develop a commitment to the school, which parents love. They become part of the international family.

5–Possesses community building skills

For third culture children, who move from country to country, this is a very important subject. Here they come, once again to a new school, new friends, new environment, new rules and new settings. Great teachers know how to build supportive and productive environments. They set rules, which create supportive relationships. They establish guidelines to help students integrate, adjust, and develop healthy relationships. Finally, they create productive and friendly class environments.

6– Has high expectations

When teachers set high expectations, students work hard to achieve them. Great teachers know how to set expectations that are challenging, realistic and adapted to each student’s potential. This makes these high expectations achievable.

7–Possesses excellent personal characteristics

Great teachers are friendly, approachable and welcoming. These are all personal skills that parents and children most appreciate in a teacher.


What do you think that makes a good teacher? Let us know what would you add to this list.

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