10 Summer study tips

Parents often ask me if their children should study over the summer. I believe they should, to prevent “summer brain drain.” However, I also believe that is very important to strike a balance between reinforcing academic skills and having lots and lots of free time to have fun! Here are my top 10 summer study tips to help you and your child achieve this balance.

The objective is to keep a learning schedule that feels light and different than the usual going to school routine.

1–Keep a diary.

Encourage your child to keep a diary and write about their daily activities, their holiday or their plans with their friends. It’s a great way to keep them practising their writing skills.

summer study tips

2–Read the same book as your child.

You can have book discussions and go to the local library and choose books together.

3–Mute the TV.

Turn on the captions and ask your child to read them whilst you watch their favourite shows.

4–How about cooking together?

The child reads the recipe and acts on what they understand. Measuring ingredients is a great ‘Maths class’

5–Dictate your child the grocery list.

Once you’re in the supermarket, dictate the price and ask them to do the sum up and count the money for what you have to pay.

6–Tap into your child’s interests by joining a volunteering program.

It’s great for social skills and a good way to balance having fun and retaining skills.

7–Talk to your child’s teacher.

If your child has been struggling at school, talk to your teacher about ways to help your child and what type of exercises your child should keep reinforcing and how often. It’s a great way to catch up with some subjects at your child’s own pace. If it’s a complicated subject, you might want to consider engaging a tutor.

8–Join a team!

If your child has always wanted to practise a sport/ activity, but has never had enough free time for it, now it’s the time.

9–Tech project!

Perhaps a toy robotics kit?

10–And if gadgets have to exist, choose some useful educative applications.

Have a great summer break!!! If you have questions about any of these summer study tips, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME.

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