10 tips to help students cope with exam stress

Exam stress affects most children. Some only minimally, whereas others can experience levels of anxiety that can lead to panic attacks and depression. Since this is the week for revisions, here are 10 tips to help students cope with exam stress.

1–Be prepared. Know exactly what is required of you to pass the exam. Make sure you understand the various tasks. Be aware of the time you need to finish the exam without rushing. Have some exam strategies to help you cope with the quantity of tasks required of you.

2–Get extra tuition. This can be at school, with a friend, a study group, or individually.

3–Ask questions! Most schools have after school learning time where you can ask more personalised/specific questions in a more informal environment in smaller groups. While I advocate asking questions as they arise, teachers might not always have the time during class to cover all answers.

4–Exercise! A healthy mind resides in a healthy body! Exercising keeps your mind sharp and alert, which will help you proactively cope with exam stress. Once those endorphins kick in, they can make you feel better about yourself and the whole challenge ahead of you.

cope with exam stress
Stress can cause your mind to feel like its spinning out of control. Deep breathing is a quick way to help calm anxiety.

5–Time management. Decide on the best time of the day to study, when you’re most productive. Decide on how many hours will be needed to cover the exam topics and plan every day accordingly.

6–Find the best place to study. I could never study at home as it was too distracting, yet did just fine in a public place that was quiet enough to keep concentrated.

7–Give yourself small rewards. Do this even for small achievements, such as finishing the first chapter, understanding a formula or solving a difficult problem.

8–Take breaks. They could be small breaks every day, or specific days (maybe the weekend?) when you might decide to do something you enjoy. This will take your mind off the big task ahead of you. Breaks should help you relax and keep you healthy.

9–Talk to people. You can talk to your friends going through the same exam preparation as you. You can talk to your parents, who are as anxious as you to get you through this exam. They can give you that reassuring hug you need to tell you everything is going to be alright. You calk to your teacher, who should objectively evaluate your future performance. S/he can point out your strengths and weaknesses and use these to create an optimal study plan that telld you what you should focus on.

10–Breathe! This too shall pass. The life ahead of you is great and it will take you places you cannot even imagine right now.

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