6 reasons it is vital for an international school to have a PTA

Having a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is vital for any school. Aside from fostering better communication between parents and the school, here are six ways a PTA can benefit your international school:

1- It acts as a welcoming board to new families. If the school can rely on an active PTA to welcome new parents and students, the sense of belonging to a family becomes a reality very quickly. Most new parents form their first relationships/ friendships in a new country via their children’s school. The more welcoming the school, the more renewals at the end of the school year.

2- PTA Members can act as School Ambassadors. These would be parents who could be contacted by parents interested in registering their children. They would give feedback on school activities and information on why your international school is the best in town.

3- They can hold receptions. These would give all school parents the possibility to volunteer, participate and enrich the school family. Such receptions could be culinary, an opportunity for parents tolearn about other cultures, diversity celebrations, charity fundraisers, etc.

PTA international school

4- They can create workshops. PTA workshops are places where parents could learn from the teaching staff, or an invited expert, on how to care best for their children, whether academically, socially etc.

5- They can be a source for developing local guides. Some members of the PTA might be experts in things happening locally and could act as guides for the newcomers. They could either organise trips or simply create a buddy system where the newcomers would have a person to call for important needs such as local doctors, best shops, transportation tips etc.

6- They provide an opportunity for parents to get to know your teachers. Great schools aim to achieve a high level of teacher/parent collaboration for the sake of their children. PTAs facilitate such bonsd via informal activities where parents and teachers can mingle and find common ground. They may talk about expat life (remember- teachers as well as parents are impacted by living abroad) local life experiences, differences in education around the world etc.


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