10 Ideas for spending quality time with your kids

quality time with your kids

Do you find it challenging to spend quality time with your kids? This article has 10 tips for even the busiest of parents. 1–Turn off distractions. Mobile phones, iPads and any other kind of technology can be overwhelming temptations for distractions/interruptions. 2–While you can propose certain activities or games, do not forget to let your … Read more

How to boost your teenagers’ confidence

teenagers self confidence

Confidence is the assurance that you can succeed in a given situation, and life in general. It is all about working on oneself: practicing self-acceptance, working on self-improvement and developing self-confidence. I believe the following ideas can instill lifelong confidence in your teenage son or daughter: 1–Praise their efforts rather than the outcomes “Do your … Read more

How to reduce the homework hassle

homework hassle

Between their regular school hours, after school activities, play time and family time, our children tend to have very busy school days. On top of all this, they’re expected to do… homework- probably a child’s least favourite thing during the academic year. Helping your children manage their homework load, developing their sense of responsibility and … Read more

The importance of Recess and Play

recess and play

Research has demonstrated over and over the role of recess and play in our fast-paced modern world. Play is essential to a child’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being. How long should the break be? Psychologists recommend two 15 minute breaks every day, plus a good lunch break of 20 minutes. Why the break? It … Read more

5 Reasons to encourage children learning music

  Learning music improves math skills. Multiple studies show that by learning beat, rhythm and scales, children develop their understanding of patterns and fractions. It improves reading and comprehension. Learning music is like learning a foreign language. You need to identify the note, how to play it, whether it’s long or short, loud or soft, … Read more

Relocating times- Goodbye times!


It’s that time of year when schools are about to finish and many expat families relocate. Studies suggest that up to twelve years of age, children cope quite well with changing friends and forming new relationships. While they do have preferences about who their friends are, their relationships are usually short-lived. Things change when your … Read more