Find Me a School

Who is this app for?

Find Me A School is the ultimate app tailored to assist expat parents in locating the best-fit international school for their children when relocating to a new country.


What kind of school can you find on the app?

Egyptian international schools, and soon international schools in other countries around the world.



What does the EEE Awards logo with a laurel wreath around it signify?

find me a school


These are Expat-Parents’ Preferred Schools. The schools have been thoroughly assessed and the reports are availability for further details.

What school details will I find?

Our platform presents a curated selection of schools, complete with essential details such as curriculum type, location, expected fees, and distinguishing characteristics.


How does it help parents?

It is designed to streamline parents’ decision-making process and help them make informed decisions that align with their preferred educational criteria.



Does it rank the schools?

No, it does not. We believe that parents know their children best. As a result, as long as they have clear information about a school, they can decide for themselves if the school aligns with their educational preferences.


find me a school


What if I need further assistance?

The app provides you with an email address for further communication with one of our consultants who will guide your search for the best school in Cairo.

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