10 reasons to choose Kent College West Cairo

1- Kent College West Cairo versus the UK


Kent College Egypt is fully managed and operated by its founding school in the UK. KCWC is an extension to the Kent College Schools which means that it might be new in Egypt, but it has over 100 years of educational expertise ready to give the new school a hand.



2-Professional/ supportive SEN department


Kent College West Cairo probably has the most supportive SEN department among the top international schools in Cairo. Apart from qualified designated teachers, they also offer therapy, when needed. KCWC is NOT a SEN school but offers professional support for the students who may need it.


3- 6th of October


If you live in the area of 6th of October, Sheikh Zayed or Zamalek, this school would be our most recommended in terms of accessibility. Cairo is a huge city with chaotic traffic. Should you decide/have to live in those areas, KCWC is the school for you



4- Competent Management

The management team is professional and have extensive experience to lead a newly set-up school. They are familiar with the international schools* spectrum in Cairo and have a solid management plan to make this school successful.



5- Community


At the time of the assessment, the parents’ community was small, but very welcoming. If you’re looking for a school where you can meet people quickly and have your voice heard, KCWC is the school for you. Communication with the parents, and within the parental community, runs smoothly.


6- Canteen

The canteen is included in the school fees. They serve hot food daily, and we know how important this is for parents who prefer not to prepare a school meal every day but trust the school with the preparation, hygiene and quality of the food. KCWC has that covered.



7- Low teacher:student class ratio

Although the school opened its gates only a few months ago,it has an available class up and running for every School Year. The teacher:student ratio is something the parents will appreciate as it’s small, allowing teachers to know their students beyond the classroom and cater for their specific needs accordingly.



8- Resourceful IT department

This is an effective department not only for the functionality of the overall school systems, but also when considering that children from Y4 onward use iPads, which means that the IT needs to upload materials, set-up the iPads for learning, ensure Internet access and online safety.



9- French as a second language from Early Years


For families looking for a school where languages are taught, KCWC teach French as a second language right from the very beginning, covering Early Years all the way to the top years. Being a school under the Ministry of Education, they also teach Arabic as part of the curriculum, following Egypt’s National Curriculum for Arabic.


10- Classrooms


Spacious classrooms, with huge windows which always allow natural light in, take advantage of the many months of sunny days in Cairo. Each classroom is fitted with Smart Boards. There are easy and near-by toilet facilities, particularly for children in the Early Years.

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