10 reasons to choose The Royal British International School

The Royal British International School is a brand-new school in New Cairo, one of the most sought-after residential areas in the Egyptian capital.

Here are 10 reasons parents choose RB:


1- A unique campus


The Royal School is unwaveringly dedicated to becoming an environmentally friendly school, by adopting various means of raising awareness towards becoming a nature-aware society. The campus is powered with its own Solar Panels and Sustainable Energy Systems which will be one of the first campuses of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East. We inspire our students and their families to become environmentally responsible by: going paperless, prohibiting on-campus smoking, setting up recycling bins, avoiding the use of plastic, creating a bird-friendly habitat round playgrounds and recycling newspapers and magazines by-reusing them in design projects.


RBIS Cairo


2- Sports Academy


As opposed to other international schools which offer sports as after-school activities option, RB has included kayaking, golf, squash and tennis in the curriculum. For some of these sports, they collaborate with famous Egyptian resorts to give the students practice in real life settings.


3- UK qualified teachers


The school hires predominantly UK teachers, although local teachers might be accepted on the condition that they were eligible for work in a UK school. As a result, ALL teachers working at RB have a UK qualification, independent of their nationality.



4- Communication


RB are champions at using Engage, an effective online system which allows all parties involved to communicate in real time and for the parents to quickly find all the information they need about their children.


5- Learning Ladders


This is an effective online system to assess and report on the students’ progress and achievements daily/weekly. Every step they achieve is clearly described; students’ strengths and weaknesses are highlighted in order to maximize their potential.


6- Languages


French and/or German are studied from Year 1. Students achieve a high level of fluency in these languages. They can opt for an official international certificate, such as DELF or Zertifikat, which opens up future study opportunities. RB delivers Arabic as a Foreign Language Programs for Expat Students.


7- Arabic/Religion/Social Studies


As every international school in Egypt, which all run under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education, all students must study the national curriculum for Arabic and Social Studies. Religion is also mandatory for Muslim students. After studying these subjects, one can later opt to study at an Egyptian university, which is much cheaper than private ones.


8- Family environment


At present, RB has around 340 students, which makes it feel very cozy. Newcomers find it easy to integrate.


9- Fees


RB has fair fees for the present and coming school years. When we say fair, we mean that they are a great option for families with an average budget of 10,000 USD.


10- Use of iPads from Year 6 onward


Students learn to master technology as means of communication, study and research. They also become less dependent on paper. The future of education is digital, and RB has already taken the first step in that direction. In all classes we observed students were familiar with, and very dexterous at, using technology.

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