Reasons to study at Sophia High School

Are you considering an online school for your child? If so (and even if you are still wedded to the idea of having your child attend a bricks and mortar school, this is worth a read), here are 10 excellent reasons to study at Sophia High School.


Sophia High School

1- Teacher:Student ratio


Sophia High School provides an impressive student to teacher ratio, with class numbers at a maximum of 6 for core subjects. Children receive individualised education where they can be challenged and/or supported in ways tailored to meet their specific needs.


2- Online learning EQUALS learning anywhere you may be


If you study at Sophia High School, you will receive the best British education from anywhere in the world. Should you prefer to move back to face to face learning, you can move straight back into the system confident that your child is achieving or exceeding the expected standards.


3- UK qualified teachers


Sophia High School hires only the best teachers. They all have UK qualifications and credentials to teach, have a minimum of five years teaching experience in the British system, and have all passed our rigorous safeguarding checks.



4- Highly qualified management


The leadership team has been in education for many years, serving as heads of schools at various international schools around the world. For our expat parents, they know first-hand the perils of moving around the world and having to decide on the best school for their children.


5- Accelerated program for over-achievers


Does your child excel at a subject (or all subjects) and you wish the teacher offered extra work to challenge them further? At Sophia High School, this is possible. Students study in pods according to their abilities.


6- Great parental support


At Sophia High School you get to talk to your child’s teacher every single week. You can also view the classes and see your child perform in a class setting.


7- Low fees


Sophia High School charges less than the majority of brick and mortar international schools, while offering the same UK academic standards.


8- Approachable management


As a small school, Sophia High School has managed to form a close-knit community where speaking to the leadership and asking for their advice is the norm.


9- Digital learning


Worried about how much time you, as a parent, need to set aside to help out your child? No need to worry about any technological aspect, as the IT team at SHS provides you with all the tools and training your child needs to be completely independent when studying. Our younger Foundation Stage children will need a higher level of initial support, but this greatly reduces as they become familiar with the platform and tools used in their daily lessons.


10- Excellent online safety


Some parents might worry about their children’s safety while studying online. You can rest assured that all systems have been put into place to ensure that your child is safe both during their online study at SHS and after. Their online system uses the Google Enterprise Education platform, which has various layers of security, firewalls, anti-hacking and anti-viruses systems.


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