10 Reasons schools should blog

Here are 10 reasons schools should blog. If you get the kids involved, it can be done without overloading the teachers’ already busy academic schedules.


Blogs serve as portfolios


Such an initiative gives a clear objective. Moreover, blogging enhances students’ self-reflection, their entrepreneurial spirit and helps develop their collaborative skills. It gives them time and space to reflect on what they have learnt and engage in constructive discussions with others.


Literacy/creative writing


Blogging is not for everyone, but for those students who wish to pursue studies such as creative writing and journalism it it a great preview of future careers.


It gives the students a voice


Blogging about school, studying, school life, achievements, competitions, etc. allows students to share their ideas in a meaningful way and hopefully help teachers ‘serve’ them better.


reasons schools should blog


It creates timeless memories


Blogging about school life in the present might be the greatest gift to future students. Recording the present learning process and technology for future generations can be a great way to leave a memorable digital footprint. It’s essentially a time capsule!


A blog is an excellent marketing tool


This is one of the best reasons schools should blog. Despite trends in tech and social media, blogging remains one of the top marketing tactic. To illustrate the point: research shows that blogging drives 1000% more traffic to websites than organic social media. For more ideas on how to market your school, please have a look at this post: 10 Great ways to market your international school


Google rewards blogs


Having a consistent blogging strategy, and optimizing the posts for search, is the single best thing you can do to propel your school to the top of Google’s search rankings. Do you want to learn how to start a blog and optimize it for search? If so, here are some excellent self study courses that teach you how: Level up your SEO. You work under the guidance of an SEO guru, who also checks key components of your work.


reasons schools should blog


Start a principal’s blog


Many principals make a difference not only in their school’s life but in their community and the education sector- both nationally and internationally. They establish themselves as an authority in the field to promote and drive conversation around their school’s activity.


Blogging topics


You might find blogging attractive for all the above reasons, yet don’t know where to start. Here is what you could blog about:

✅ The benefits of attending your school

✅ How the school is building a solid international community

✅ Present the families that form the school community

✅ Why people should consider attending your school

✅ Competitions which help the students’ future studies

✅ How to write a great admission essay

✅ What to expect as a newcomer?

✅ The kinds of academic support kids receive

✅ Parental involvement

✅ Ways the school is helping the community


If any of our readers are interested in starting a school blog, we’re here to help.

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