8 Benefits of attending an international school

Expatriates have a unique opportunity to send their children to international schools. Parents we have spoken to see clear benefits of international schooling. Here are eight of them:


1– International environment/Diversity


Many international schools are wonderful melting pots of cultures, backgrounds and races, where students as well as teachers from all over the world come together to learn and teach. Many schools organise celebrations to emphasize the diversity of their school and help students feel proud of their respective nationalities.


international school


2– Great academics


Most international schools go through multiple accreditation processes in order to get recognised and validated by prestigious UK and US organisations as well as local ministries of education. If you’d like to know more about how to be awarded Excellence in Expat Education, follow this link: School Assessments


3– Great facilities


As fees are quite high, most international schools can afford outstanding facilities. Their classrooms are equipped with the latest technology, their sport facilities allow students to maximise their potential. Their teachers can make use of all tech equipment they may need for a fun, interactive, student- centred learning environment.


4– Great school ethics


Studying in an international school means that students get to experience different cultures, races, religions, and they learn respect and acceptance in diversity. They develop their critical thinking, they learn compassion, resilience, discipline and develop relationships/friendships around the world.


5– Field trips


Most international schools offer field trips (some local, others abroad) to students in every year. The best way to learn is, at times, away from the classroom, by observation and experimentation. Students might get to visit historical places they have just learned about at school. Others get to speak to an important sports figure who may encourage their career pursue. Other trips are just opportunities to put in practice their skills: setting up a tent, making a fire, cooking, scouting, measuring the tidal waves, you name it.


6– Curriculum


Most expats choose an international school because it follows the same curriculum as back home, which means that when the time comes to move back, the children can just follow their studies where they left them from without missing out.


7– Reputation


International schools have a great reputation of producing well-rounded individuals. In addition totheir studies, they develop long-lasting life skills such as adaptability to multi-cultural environments, understanding of traditions, the ability to speak many languages, etc.


8– Global citizenship


This goes beyond everything mentioned above. It means they learn responsible actions, a holistic view of the world, and universal values.


If you’d like to know which schools cover this list and guarantee great studies, here is the link for Egypt and the Philippines. We’ve visited the rest and these are the best: Got the Right School?

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