10 Reasons schools should blog

reasons schools should blog

Here are 10 reasons schools should blog. If you get the kids involved, it can be done without overloading the teachers’ already busy academic schedules.   Blogs serve as portfolios   Such an initiative gives a clear objective. Moreover, blogging enhances students’ self-reflection, their entrepreneurial spirit and helps develop their collaborative skills. It gives them … Read more

Does school furniture have an impact on your child’s learning?

school furniture

According to many teachers and school principals, it does! Spaces can boost academic advancement when they create an inspiring learning space. ‘Comfort equals concentration’ state the founders of Furnware, a maker of school furniture. They believe engaged students achieve better results. They also pay attention to details, as children in one class might be the … Read more

Why inclusion?

why inclusion

This is a summary of an article written by EEE Assessor Dr. Vesna Varunek.  All research references mentioned in this summary are detailed and listed in the actual article. You can download the full article by clicking on this link: Why Inclusion? Summary Who is a SEN student? Authors Vade and Moore (1987:15) consider that … Read more

5 Teacher training workshop ideas most teachers would appreciate

teacher training workshop ideas

The reality of the situation is many teachers are overworked and often tired. This can be a challenge to well meaning administrators that want to provide them with additional tools of the trade. Here are five teacher training workshop ideas that most teachers will be appreciative of, happy to attend and will even improve their … Read more

Parents’ expectations when choosing an international school

choosing an international school

This week, Senida Kiehl attended the International and Private Schools Education Forum (IPSEF) Middle East 2019 Conference in Dubai. At the conference, she was asked to speak on the topic “Parents’ expectations when choosing an international school.” Here is an excerpt from her talk: