Does school furniture have an impact on your child’s learning?

According to many teachers and school principals, it does! Spaces can boost academic advancement when they create an inspiring learning space. ‘Comfort equals concentration’ state the founders of Furnware, a maker of school furniture. They believe engaged students achieve better results. They also pay attention to details, as children in one class might be the same age, but ‘one size doesn’t fit all’. Their design called Bodyfurn ensures that all students are given the best and most comfortable seats according to their body size.

Here are five things to look for when choosing the best furniture for your school:

1–Quality matters. Good furniture should be a long-lasting investment. Furnware guarantee their chairs for ten years. I’m sure there are other companies out there who provide great school furniture. If you know of any, please let us know so we can inform the schools.

2–Learning spaces. Especially when children are young, sitting on a chair for long hours is boring. It decreases their attention span and it certainly does not improve their creativity. As parents we know that children love sitting on the floor, cushions and sometimes in weird positions when accomplishing a task. Why not have that at school as well? It would help with classroom management a lot!

school furniture
Furnware makes `cookie pads´ for kids that learn better on the floor

3–Furniture versus blood circulation. Good body support when moving on a chair is what Furnware preaches. As a teacher I know how important this is, which is why I strongly encourage full attention on the choice school furniture. This is especially true in new schools, which have a chance to strike it right from the very beginning.

4–Desks and chairs should be at the right height. If adults care about the position of their body when working at office desks, we should care even more so when it comes to our children. When we assess schools, we are aware of the high number of institutions around the world where the chairs are usually too high for the table where the children do their maths or arts and crafts activities.

school furniture
This `flower table´is at the correct height for the surrounding chairs

5–What about our teachers? If your school has a static desk, the teacher might have to turn their back to the children or go behind the desk to set up the next activity. A mobile unit ensures easy movement around the class, non-stop children supervision and quick access to all things necessary during the lesson.

I would like to state that I do not work for Furnware, nor have been paid to include them in this post. I had the pleasure of trying out their school furniture at the IPSEF 2019 conference and really liked it.


Does your school pay attention to furniture? How? What kind of furniture?

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