Why MBIS Cairo is an Expat Parents’ School of Choice

MBIS school Cairo, best international school in Cairo

Following our FAME test a few weeks ago, Excellence in Expat Education has designated Maadi British International School in Cairo, an Expat Parents’ School of Choice. Here are the reasons for which we recommend this school to all expatriates looking for the best international school in Cairo, Egypt. Excellent Academics Quality of teaching staff. Your … Read more

What parents should know about pastoral care in their children’s school

pastoral care

What is pastoral care? Pastoral care is the provision schools makes to ensure that all the children are both physically and emotionally well. It strives to establish a positive learning climate in which children are well integrated and develop at their maximum potential emotionally, physically, psychologically and academically. It takes an enormous amount of time … Read more

Questions to ask your child’s teachers to understand your child’s learning potential

Every time parents get their child’s school report, they are quite surprised to discover their child’s ‘real’ academic level. Many of them feel that parent-teacher meetings are not long enough, there isn’t enough time to ask all the questions they would like and that teachers’ reports tend to reinforce their child’s strengths and make their … Read more

10 Ideas for spending quality time with your kids

quality time with your kids

Do you find it challenging to spend quality time with your kids? This article has 10 tips for even the busiest of parents. 1–Turn off distractions. Mobile phones, iPads and any other kind of technology can be overwhelming temptations for distractions/interruptions. 2–While you can propose certain activities or games, do not forget to let your … Read more

How to boost your teenagers’ confidence

teenagers self confidence

Confidence is the assurance that you can succeed in a given situation, and life in general. It is all about working on oneself: practicing self-acceptance, working on self-improvement and developing self-confidence. I believe the following ideas can instill lifelong confidence in your teenage son or daughter: 1–Praise their efforts rather than the outcomes “Do your … Read more