Should these life skills be taught in school/college?

life skills taught in school

There are more and more voices concerned that there are essential life skills which schools right now don’t seem to cover. Here are some examples: 1–Finance What is a credit card/loan and how do interest rates work? Do you really need them? What are the best ways to save money and invest efficiently? How do … Read more

5 Teacher training workshop ideas most teachers would appreciate

teacher training workshop ideas

The reality of the situation is many teachers are overworked and often tired. This can be a challenge to well meaning administrators that want to provide them with additional tools of the trade. Here are five teacher training workshop ideas that most teachers will be appreciative of, happy to attend and will even improve their … Read more

The benefits of kids spending time in nature

spending time in nature

Research shows that when kids spend time in nature, their well-being, motivation and confidence increases. There are numerous studies, such as this one recently published by the Wildlife Trust, which demonstrate that spending one hour a day in nature makes kids more environmentally and wildlife aware, happier and more motivated to do outdoor jobs. Here … Read more

10 ways to improve teachers’ wellbeing

teachers' wellbeing

In October of this year, we celebrated 24 years since the creation of the first World Teacher’s Day. It is a time to celebrate the great contribution our teachers bring to our students’ wellbeing and implicitly to our societies. However, as far as their wellbeing is concerned, UK studies demonstrate that teachers’ wellbeing and mental … Read more

Questions to ask your child’s teachers to understand your child’s learning potential

Every time parents get their child’s school report, they are quite surprised to discover their child’s ‘real’ academic level. Many of them feel that parent-teacher meetings are not long enough, there isn’t enough time to ask all the questions they would like and that teachers’ reports tend to reinforce their child’s strengths and make their … Read more

Parents’ expectations when choosing an international school

choosing an international school

This week, Senida Kiehl attended the International and Private Schools Education Forum (IPSEF) Middle East 2019 Conference in Dubai. At the conference, she was asked to speak on the topic “Parents’ expectations when choosing an international school.” Here is an excerpt from her talk: