What do students expect from online teachers?

online teaching

For one reason or the other, online teaching/learning is booming. Hundreds of platforms recruit teachers, especially English teachers, to teach online to students around the world. Due to the latest health scare around the world, thousands of children in various countries are trying to keep up academically while learning how to use EdTech. What do … Read more

Will EdTech ever take off?


Millions of students, especially in China, have been forced to study online for about two months now. This is expected to continue for awhile. With the outbreak spreading to other countries, including Europe, school principals, teachers, parents and students are all faced with learning to cope with distance education. Will this situation boost the idea … Read more

Health in schools: What parents should look for

health in schools

As parents we obviously want the best for our children: the best life, the best environment, the best school. As they are what is most precious to us, we are scared to death of them catching a disease or facing a chronic illness such as diabetes or cancer. Thus, we put our maximum efforts into … Read more

Homework or no homework- that’s the question!

Should teachers ask their students to do homework? This seems to be the question of the week, with the UAE axing homework from all state schools and some private entities following their example. Parents have expressed a mix of worry and acceptance. Some are hoping for more quality family time, while others are dreading an … Read more

Why MBIS Cairo is an Expat Parents’ School of Choice

MBIS school Cairo, best international school in Cairo

Following our FAME test a few weeks ago, Excellence in Expat Education has designated Maadi British International School in Cairo, an Expat Parents’ School of Choice. Here are the reasons for which we recommend this school to all expatriates looking for the best international school in Cairo, Egypt. Excellent Academics Quality of teaching staff. Your … Read more

Does school furniture have an impact on your child’s learning?

school furniture

According to many teachers and school principals, it does! Spaces can boost academic advancement when they create an inspiring learning space. ‘Comfort equals concentration’ state the founders of Furnware, a maker of school furniture. They believe engaged students achieve better results. They also pay attention to details, as children in one class might be the … Read more

Why inclusion?

why inclusion

This is a summary of an article written by EEE Assessor Dr. Vesna Varunek.  All research references mentioned in this summary are detailed and listed in the actual article. You can download the full article by clicking on this link: Why Inclusion? Summary Who is a SEN student? Authors Vade and Moore (1987:15) consider that … Read more

What parents should know about pastoral care in their children’s school

pastoral care

What is pastoral care? Pastoral care is the provision schools makes to ensure that all the children are both physically and emotionally well. It strives to establish a positive learning climate in which children are well integrated and develop at their maximum potential emotionally, physically, psychologically and academically. It takes an enormous amount of time … Read more