Readymade lesson plans for celebrations

lesson plans for celebrations

Whether you are a teacher or a parent, here are some wonderful, easy to use, readymade lesson plans for celebrations held around the world.   Ramadan and Eid As Ramadan just started, you might want your students to practice vocabulary or do some hands-on activities related to this month. Here are some excellent links: … Read more

Mixed ability classes know-how

mixed ability classes

How can students work together while learning at different speeds and working at different paces? How can a teacher manage a class to ensure overall understanding, while giving everyone a chance to shine? Here is some guidance for teaching mixed ability classes: Step 1: Know your students Take time understanding their strengths and weaknesses beyond … Read more

The internet and children’s safety

internet safety

Whether we want it or not, today we have no choice but to embrace our children’s online studying and therefore their Internet exposure. Everybody seems to be working frantically to ensure our children’s studies go on. Moreover, due to the increased usage of platforms such as Zoom, more and more articles talk about security breaches, … Read more

Free teaching materials and courses

free teaching materials

The Internet is full of original games, activities and exercises, all ready to help you with your teaching and learning. Here is a great list of free games and activities for adults and children. They can be used by parents or teachers to make your children’s or students’ quarantine/self isolation a bit easier to bear. … Read more

AMAZING Things you can do during lockdown

things to do during lockdown

Whether in self-isolation, quarantine or lockdown (how incredibly familiar have these words become), many companies around the world have put their two pennies’ worth to help parents, children, educators and just everyone interested to somehow make their confinement positive and productive.   Here is a list of FREE, useful and great activities for everyone:   … Read more

10 Indoor teaching/learning activities

Here we are:  parents, teachers and students, all indoors trying to make the most of it. As a parent, I bet the expression you most hear is ‘I’m boooored!’ and you’re just wondering what to do. Here is a list of possible activities that are both fun and educational: 1–‘I’m bored Bingo!’ 2–Time for board … Read more

10 Platforms for online learning and teaching

platforms for online learning

As schools around the world are forced to move to online learning and teaching, here is a list of sites some schools around the world report using: 1–Google Classroom seems to be the most popular and has great feedback They have a section dedicated to the present situation, where teachers and IT staff receive … Read more

10 Ways to teach children about the coronavirus and other scary news

teach children about the coronavirus

Concerns over news, in general, can make everyone anxious and that includes children. It’s very important to remember that children look to adults for guidance. This means parents AND teachers, and they react according to what they see, hear and/or feel. It is important to communicate the facts to them using age appropriate language and … Read more