8 Tips to successful online learning

Many parents feel overwhelmed playing teacher while trying to manage their own workloads. How can you ensure maximum concentration, great results, less parent/child arguing and the satisfaction of a job well done? Here are eight simple tips for successful online learning:


1– Do not force kids to sit for too long, nor expect them to finish their studies all at once.


While you might be tempted to make them sit down and get on with their schoolwork, such expectations will likely only increase tensions and stress levels. Use a colour coded timetable to show when children are expected to study. Make it clear when you need time to focus on your work duties.


2– Make sure there are no distractions.


For example, the TV should be off, not just muted, because moving pictures can still draw one’s attention from their work. The PC/laptop should be secured so kids cannot browse, email or text when they shouldn’t.


successful online learning


3– Adopt Internet safety measures.


While children should have their own dedicated study area, this needs to be easily accessible by parents. Doors should be open so parents can view the screen any time, and listen to conversations. We need to know what our children are doing and who they’re talking to, for their safety.


4– Make lessons fun, and kinesthetic.


You are not a teacher, but you can see how some activities are better explained if kids are moving about, rather than just writing on a piece of paper. The other day my son was learning directions and had to describe directions of movement of objects on charts. I made him lie on the floor and follow those directions. It made the lesson easy to understand and more over fun, which is key to successful online learning!


5– Use some of the Zoom sessions to socialise.


Kids might be missing their friends and even if its not the real thing, talking about their house and daily life with their friends in an informal call might help their mood, mental health, jog their creativity and just liven up their daily indoor routine.


6– Keep records of the kids’ work and submit them on time so they can get the acknowledgement they deserve.


If needed, keep a diary either on paper, whiteboard on the wall, or electronic, to keep the deadlines clear and submission dates updated.


7– Set goals to encourage learning.


If your child completes a given task within a specified time frame, then they get a prize or treat. You can even make promises for when life might get back on track, such as a trip to their favourite park, take-away from their favourite restaurant or money to buy something they’ve always wanted.


successful online learning


8– Use dojos.


Does your school use dojos? If you don’t know what they are. here is a link: https://www.classdojo.com/


In short, dojos are rewards children can also get from parents. When they accumulate a certain number, they get certificates which you can print, or online prizes, which children in our school absolutely love.


As we have been distance learning for a few weeks now, what other tips for successful online learning would you add to this list? What has worked well with your children?

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