10 Reasons to choose Malvern College Egypt (MCE)

1- Highly qualified UK teachers


Malvern College Egypt


2- Great location

Malvern College Egypt is located betweeen the neighborhoods of Maadi and New Cairo. Both of these neighborhoods are preferred by expats, so the school run won’t take too long.


3-  Relatively low fees

The fees at MCE are low compared to international schools of the same calibre.


Malvern College Egypt


4- Malvern College Egypt is under the purview of the Ministry of Education


This is important for students that can only attend schools under their domain.


Malvern College Egypt
The early years swimming pool


5- Solid language programs


MCE has an excellent Arabic program. It also offers instruction in foreign languages, such as French and Spanish.


Inside the campus


6- Diverse religious studies


The school offers Islamic Studies and Christian Studies. It also offers social studies.


7- Excellent selection of after school activities


Malvern College Egypt
MCE’s Dance Theatre


8- Safe, secure premises


The Adventure Playground

9- Safe transportation system to and from the school

10- The cafeteria promotes healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle


Malvern College Egypt
The cafeteria


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