10 Platforms for online learning and teaching

As schools around the world are forced to move to online learning and teaching, here is a list of sites some schools around the world report using:

1–Google Classroom seems to be the most popular and has great feedback


They have a section dedicated to the present situation, where teachers and IT staff receive online training on how to install the system in their schools, how to manage a whole class online, how to motivate them to stay engaged, etc.



2–Class Dojo

Here is the link to FREE resources for teachers. It tells how to engage students and their parents, as well as how to set up an online community which fosters interaction and keeps kids motivated.




An engaging platform many teachers already use in classrooms to create competitions and games. Now it can be used more broadly to actually teach and learn online. Here is a link for distance learning:



4– Adobe Connect

It’s live virtual classrooms, 90 days free of charge. Hopefully the situation will normalise way before that.




This is not a free platform, but it does offer lots of extra services to schools such as training, classroom scheduling, and tech solutions, all 24/7. They are equipped with whiteboards, document and video sharing, options to create short quizzes, chat and class recording. The ‘Virtual Classroom’ can host a large group of students, all learning with their usual teachers from the comfort of their homes.



platforms for online learning

6–Microsoft Teams

It’s a FREE application that most people with a Microsoft Office package have access to already.




While they do have free 45 minute calls and video calls, for a professional online classroom there’s a fee. Here is the link to find out more detail:




Good ole Skype, always there for a good video call. The only problem with this platform is that it’s blocked in the Middle East, but fine to use in Europe or other countries.




Educational excellence from Finland anyone? Sounds very interesting!




While we assume that all we need for online education is a good platform, the truth is that there are many students in different countries who have limited access to the Internet. Thus direct connection is not possible. This platform allows teachers to record and share their videos, then students do the same.


I’m sure there are many more already in use. What would you add to this list? We would love to hear your recommendations.

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