When should you consider a tutor for your child?

When is it time for outside help? Or, as I ask, is there ever a time when it is worth investing in a private tutor for your child? Parents seem to believe that when their kids’ grades drop, and every attempt they make to motivate their child to ‘enjoy’ school falls on deaf ears, then it’s probably a good time to consider private tuition.

Here are some other situations worth considering:

Homework supervision. Homework is important because it gives children a chance to practise further what they learned in class. Parents usually supervise their children when doing their homework and push them in terms of time and understanding the task. Now, let’s imagine that the parents have a new job and they cannot be around anymore, but their children would simply not do their homework otherwise. A private tutor for your child could step in and help them get on with it.

Learning disabilities. Kids with learning disabilities usually have to work harder than their peers in order to keep up. They can do it just fine, but they need that extra support. Qualified tutors can explain things their way and facilitate comprehension and best learning practices.

Not understanding a subject/concept. When I was in school physics was the subject that gave me headaches. No matter how good the teacher was, I just couldn’t grasp certain concepts. Overall, I was one of the best students in my class, but not at physics. Some kids struggle at foreign languages, especially when parents cannot give them any kind of support, unless they themselves speak that language. I could continue on and on with such examples.

reasons to hire a tutor
Tutors can explain things to children in ways they understand, often unlocking difficult subjects.

Focused learning. For example, studying for a particular exam. Most of us understand that in a class of 25 students, each one of them with different learning abilities and needs, that no matter how good the teacher might be, personalised teaching is difficult. A qualified tutor for your child could fill that void, identify your child’s learning needs and focus the practice.

After-school practice. Most schools offer after school practice and it’s free! The only reason some parents might not consider it is because they feel like children end up in school for a very long time. While it is free and I think it’s a great option to give thought to, my children did much better in terms of focus and concentration at home. A quick break and change of scenery made all the difference.

Are there any situations you would add to my list?


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