Why MBIS Cairo is an Expat Parents’ School of Choice

Following our FAME test a few weeks ago, Excellence in Expat Education has designated Maadi British International School in Cairo, an Expat Parents’ School of Choice. Here are the reasons for which we recommend this school to all expatriates looking for the best international school in Cairo, Egypt.

Excellent Academics

  • Quality of teaching staff. Your children’s teachers are all UK qualified and have extensive teaching experience in various international schools around the world. They demonstrate on a daily basis good subject knowledge and a thorough understanding of the UK curriculum standards. At the same time, they manage to provide a cosy, family-like class atmosphere where your children are taught with the utmost respect.
  • High teaching standards. Children are catered to so they can reach their maximum potential. Teachers adapt their teaching to respond to the strength and needs of each child. They promote accountability,  challenge and motivate students to aim high.
  • Productive use of assessment. While MBIS is not a test-driven school, assessments are being used to monitor progress, set targets and plan class support accordingly.
  • Fundamental values. The teaching system includes democratic values such as freedom of speech, respect for different races and religions, the rule of law and individual liberty.

best international school in Cairo

Excellent Management

  • Safe learning environment. There are clear rules for behaviour in classrooms as well as on premises. Policies are in place to ensure integration, good relationships with the students and amongst the students.
  • Team preparation. The principal has a current knowledge of teaching, learning and child development and how to apply such research to the needs of MBIS.
  • Professional development. A clear set framework to ensure teaching staff continue to update their teaching skills and standards.
  • Monitoring students’ achievement. Ensuring that the students excel at important subjects in order to ensure their acceptance at universities of their choices (up to year 10 for now, but development is in progress).

Excellent Expat Parent Support

  • Teacher/ parents communication. Your children’s achievement and well being are continuously monitored and reported on a daily basis via their communication book or via awards/rewards such as Star of the Week, Star Writer of the Week, Principal’s Award or the Dojo system.
  • Communication. The management team maintains an effective partnership with the parents to support and improve their children’s achievement and personal development. Additionally, they have an Open Doors Policy and Weekly Newsletter.
  • The wider community. The team ensures that their students are linked to the wider international community and organises a series of events which invites parents’ participation and involvement.
  • Excellent reviews from former students. We have spoken to a series of former MBIS students and they moved successfully to schools in other countries. Some of them have even had the chance to skip a school year when they changed the teaching system. This just proves the solid teaching at MBIS, something parents feel very strongly about.

best international school in Cairo

Excellent Facilities in the heart of Cairo

  • Safety. The premises is comfortable and secure via their external and on premises cameras. Furniture is adapted to the children’s ages and sizes. Staff is permanently on duty to ensure children’s safety during break times and when arriving/leaving the school. People enter the school yard via registration, followed by an ID badge displayed throughout their stay on school premises. Security is on duty 24/7.
  • Technology. Interactive boards and computers are in every classroom. There are specialised classes such as IT lab, Arts and Crafts, Music Hall etc.
  • There are various courts for different PE activities and sports as well as a swimming pool used on a weekly basis by every student, according to the British National Curriculum. Safety is ensured by having four people per class. The two swimming teachers, one assistant plus the lifeguard on duty.
  • All necessary measures have been taken to ensure that children arrive and leave the school safely if they chose to use the school buses. The company providing the buses ensures safety via seat belts, bus assistants to help students get on and off the bus and by not labeling the buses to strengthen security.

We would like to mention that we ARE NOT MBIS employees, NOR were we paid to write this article. Also, we DO NOT get a commission for recommending this school. The above conclusions derive from our assessment of MBIS, as well as the range of international schools available in Cairo, Egypt.

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