10 Ideas for spending quality time with your kids

Do you find it challenging to spend quality time with your kids? This article has 10 tips for even the busiest of parents.

1–Turn off distractions.

Mobile phones, iPads and any other kind of technology can be overwhelming temptations for distractions/interruptions.

2–While you can propose certain activities or games, do not forget to let your child choose as well.

Let them engage on their own terms and rules. Many parents are tempted to try to teach their children the “correct” way to do/play a certain thing. That can spoil the mood, and fun, of the moment.

3–Set a routine to spend quality time with your kids at a certain time of the day/evening, or on certain days of the week.

This will create the expectation that you and your children will eagerly await the time you spend together.

4–Sit at their level, whether that means around the table or on the floor.

You are becoming a game partner. Sitting on the same level establishes you’re their equal and you will all connect easier.

5–Fool around with your children!

Create pretend scenarios, tell them you love them and are proud of them.

6–Every little bit helps to create better engagement and have fun together!

If you’re really busy and setting a clear time for play seems difficult, play during the time you pick them up and bring them home, bath time, or when you drop them off at an after-school activity.

7–Cook together.

Use simple recipes, which they can follow. Cooking together allows for great communication, creates satisfaction that you have achieved something together, plus creates memorable moments for the future.

quality time with your kids
The recipes can be as simple as making s’mores. All kids love s’mores!

8–Leave notes???

It might not be ideal, since children yearn for human contact, but I think special notes can be worth a try. For example, leave a quick note in their lunchbox to make them laugh, or encourage them for an upcoming test. A note on the fridge to tell them how much you’re waiting for the evening when you’ll get to read a book together, etc., can make them feel special and more connected to you.

9–Reinforce positive behaviour.

Acknowledge things that have been done correctly: attitudes which should serve as model for the future and routines which have been established and you would like them to continue the same way.

10–Quality time is about connection, about creating moments which last forever.

How long should the quality time with your kids last? It doesn’t matter, what matters is that you’re there for your children (of all ages!!)

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